Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jack: coloring easter eggs (a little) and himself (a lot) like. a. boss.

It's weird to think Lewis is 11 months old now. Time has passed, and the boys have grown in a lot of ways, not just getting bigger. Getting smarter. Getting sassier!

Lewie's first Easter was so much fun. The easter bunny brought baskets with little toys and candies. We went to church and I was able to teach Relief Society... I always get all red! All this time later, you'd think I'd be over it. But it was a beautiful lesson about the immortality of the soul. Then we went to mom's house for an egg hunt, dinner, and a bunny cake. It was wonderful! We had a lot of fun.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What little boys are made of

When Lewis was born, I could hardly believe my luck. He waited patiently through an entire week at Disneyland (that's me... can't see my belly but believe me it was sticking out quite a ways)

an entire day at Knott's Berry Farm, a long car ride home, getting the house put back into (a little) order, and and entire day Tuesday without a peep. Then Tuesday night, some not very painful contractions started. I was very mad at Brian all day long because I had been walking, jumping, eating spicy food... anything I could think of to go into labor and it wasn't working. Sure it wasn't Brian's fault! But that's too bad for him. Then I was mad because he kept saying I needed to go to the hospital because the contractions were only a few minutes apart, and I didn't want to go and get sent home. Plus it was hurting a bit so I was mad about that. But Lewis was a wiggly baby and I didn't feel him squirming around in there as much so finally I condescended to going to the hospital, NOT because I was in labor, JUST to check his heart rate. I didn't even call the midwife. But I was in labor. 

 If I look happy and not mad, it's because the nurse and midwife were so sweet and kind. I cheered up immensely with the thought that I wouldn't be going to work the next night as scheduled. At least if I was going to be sleepless, I would have a baby to snuggle!

 And what a sweet baby I got. This little stranger from another place, come to join our family. The epidural was perfect... not too much, not too little. I progressed steadily, no pitocin. When it came time to push, it only took three to five pushes (I wasn't counting, I was busy!!) and then, viola! Hello, little one.

Of course he instantly started to grow. This was taken 20 minutes later (it seems like).

 Here he is the day we left the hospital.

And although we took this a few days ago, I'm pretty sure we left the hospital last week. Weird. I just love this boy. His bright eyes, his sweet little chubby cheeks! I remember Joshy crying at the ultrasound when we found out he wasn't a sister. But here's this little one, just right for our family. Any disappointment we felt at not having a girl was more than compensated for by this sweet silly baby boy.

I've lost track of the number of times I've said (when people remark how great it is that we have so many boys) Yes, but boys leave their mommies. But even if they go off and all go to their in-laws for Christmas, these boys won't ever leave their momma's heart. They own too big a chunk of it. Not every day is easy, but having four boys has been more fun and adventure than I can imagine. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Things I want to remember about Jack

Two year olds are one of the most challenging and fun things about life in general. It can be hard, but right now, my little two year old is about the coolest part of my day. He won't be my baby for much longer! These are things I want to remember about Jack, when he was two:

1. He loves green.
2. He calls leprechauns "stinky" instead of "sneaky."
3. He refuses to believe his eyes are green; he says they're red.
4. How he thinks it's the funniest thing in the world to say he'll kiss my lips and kiss my cheek instead.
5. He acts like Morgan. Just. Like. Morgan. It's uncanny. He mimics his every move and sound.
6. The way he looks holding his Mickey Mouse, which is just about as big as he is.
7. He's more exuberant than Annie to see Daddy at the end of the work day.
8. He doesn't know quite what to do on a computer, but he'll spend all day clicking on everything just pretending to play. He can get his way around, though.
9. He loves two green jelly beans before his nap.
10. The way he pats my cheeks and calls me silly when I kiss his neck. He tells me to stop, then says, "Try again."
11. My hand is just as long as his arm from his wrist to his elbow.
12. When I lay down beside him to put him down for his nap, he likes to lay on his back until just the moment he's ready to fall asleep. Then he turns and snuggles against my side, with his head on my shoulder.
13. The way he pats my tummy and says, as if trying to believe it, baby brother is in there.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, and when the boys went to bed they set a leprechaun trap (a shoe box held up with a plastic toy, with chocolate to lure them in). When they woke up, the chocolate was all eaten! and all the furniture in the front room was up side down. I told Morg something happened and he ran upstairs and I just heard him scream! He could not believe those crazy leprechauns. My mom said they must be pretty strong to move the couch, and he said, very wisely, "No. They are magic." He and Joshy just thought it was the greatest thing. The leprechauns also visited my mom's house and put a blanket on the ceiling fan and all other kinds of mischief. Watching Morg tell my mom's visiting teachers about it was so funny.

Monday, March 7, 2011

How it's going

Today Joshy wanted to make my mom a special drink because she had a bad headache. He felt sure that some "sweet milk" would cure all her ills. He tried making it on his own, then my sister helped him a little adding some vanilla. Mom took a sip of this delicious concoction, declared it yummy, and Josh informed her, "That's good, because I accidentally added salt instead of sugar at first."

They do look pretty alike, after all. Practically the same thing.

Life's just moving right along! It's weird to think I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow (or 29. whatever). I'm sure looking forward to this little guy's big arrival, in SO MANY WAYS!! We're also really looking forward to a vacation coming up soon, we could all use it :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

a big one

Today was my birthday! It was memorable in so many ways. Brian was able to take the day off and hang out the entire day. It's funny how such a small thing is such a big treat, but between both of us having a full time job, and then my job at BYU and needing to sleep the day after I work... or the day I finish work, depending on how you want to phrase it... I never get a whole day with Brian, really, almost never. I woke up, in the morning time, and he was there, he was still there all during the day, and now he's home when we all go to bed. AMAZING!

My dear little Grammy offered to watch the boys for us so we could have a date. It was a lot to ask, all three boys for the length of a dinner and movie, but she was so kind and the boys were very well behaved, from what she said, and Brian and I had a great time. We saw "The King's Speech," which is the first rated R movie I've seen in I don't know how long. I think since "The Shawshank Redemption." It's rated R for a lot of use of the F word in one scene, but I thought it was a really good movie, super well acted. I kept laughing though because it was like a Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter reunion. They should really consider making a crossover movie.

It's also the first birthday I can remember since I was in college that my mom wasn't around. She gets to be in Reno with the other half of my family, which is so awesome! I can't wait till we're all together in the spring to go to Disneyland.

I also felt a lot of love from Facebook. It is kind of funny how you can be connected to people that way, and say a quick hello or update from people you likely wouldn't have spoken to for years. Strange how technology like that makes us so much more connected in some ways, and disconnected in others! But I felt extremely grateful for it, all these people that were thinking about me.